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List of Mods

BREAKABLE – removal sweep objects
Shadow – the shadow
XRAYS – stroke technology behind the obstacle (x-ray)
RELOADING – reloading
WATCHFUL – indication opponents
DESTRUCTION – destruction on the minimap
HEALTHCARE – repair, automatic fire extinguisher
TUNDRA – removal of vegetation
AWARENESS – display of installed equipment over the markers technique
SPGHUNTER – search and visual representation of the location of enemy artillery
OUTSIGHT – sphere outside of rendering
EWA – aimbot
LASERS – Lasers
MTURRETS – direction guns on the minimap

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– Adaptation to

– Removed the plugins folder, the list of loaded plugins can be edited in the app_config file.json

– Interface tweaks and some graphic elements transferred the suit to free more components vxSettingsApi, and vxBattleFlash ACC.

– Added a information window in the hangar with a list of changes in patch fashion

– Redesigned settings in the hangar, added more options in battle

– Redesigned the handles on the appliances

– Reworked the plugins Shadow, Watchful, Chameleon, Destruction.

– Tweaks plugin in 2.5 times increased range removal of fog, added the bulb lights up (displaying the rest of HP)- Many other small changes

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