BlackWoT MODS

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Autor: PolarFox

List of Mods

  • BREAKABLE – removal sweep objects
  • Shadow – the shadow
  • XRAYS – stroke technology behind the obstacle (x-ray)
  • RELOADING – reloading
  • WATCHFUL – indication opponents
  • DESTRUCTION – destruction on the minimap
  • HEALTHCARE – repair, automatic fire extinguisher
  • TUNDRA – removal of vegetation
  • AWARENESS – display of installed equipment over the markers technique
  • SPGHUNTER – search and visual representation of the location of enemy artillery
  • OUTSIGHT – sphere outside of rendering
  • EWA – aimbot
  • LASERS – Lasers
  • MTURRETS – direction guns on the minimap

Official Site (Activation and Validation)

Direct Download  (10 days for FREE for first time users)

10 dni zdarma, tym, ktory si prvy krat instaluju tento modpack.

Viac info: Apollo a na www.blackwot.com

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