Category Archives: WOT [ZJ] Marker Re-Load build 085 trial [ZJ] Marker Re-Load build 085 Trial Working period until 21.11.2017 Download link   Windows 10 users need to install font Download link [ZJ] AimBot-Shaytan build 079 Trial [ZJ] AimBot-Shaytan build 079 Trial Working period until 01.11.2017 Download link [ZJ] Target Direction build 009 Trial [ZJ] Target Direction build 009 Trial  Download Link [ZJ] ContourLook build 033 Demo (X-ray) [ZJ] ContourLook build 033 Demo (X-ray) until 21.11.2017  Download Link

9.20.0 Apollo©Packk v2.1.7

Download the exe file and install the mods!!!!! That’s ALL!!!! The modpack will do a totaly clean install, so select the back up of res mods before installing the mods!!!! Use the RedBall Free for Weekend by Helpics

Autor: Stealthz Pre EU a NA servery!!! valid until: 17.10.2017 Download Antifences (Broken Destructibles) by Helpics

Author: Stealthz Pre EU a NA servery! valid until 17.10.2017 Download  

9.20.0 EWA Gen2 AimBot by PolarFox

UPDATED!!! The best and safest AimBot!!! – totaly new aimBOT script – for sure the best and safest aimBOT on the market at the moment 10 days trial for the first time Helpics Modpack v 2.2.5


9.20.0 BlackWoT MODS

10 days free test period (10dní je free pouze pro nové uživatele) List of Mods BREAKABLE – removal sweep objects Shadow – the shadow XRAYS – stroke technology behind the obstacle (x-ray) Automatic hasicak Automatic Extinguisher Download Link Destruction mod Destruction mod Download Link Arty Reload Timer Arty Reload Timer Download Link This mod can display the enemy arty’s reload time even they are not be spotted. The reload time will be record, if the arty shot and

B4it Special Promotion

B4it  Special Promotion! Purchase until 08.09.2017 and get 7 days extra ! Valid only for month subscirpion. Promotion start at 25.08.2017 GTM +0 FREE Trial from 25.08.2017 for current patch + 3 days on Helpics AimBOT (free for weekend)

new aimbot (trial!) valid until: 07.08.2017 New Helpics AimBOT trial!!! How to Install and Activate: 1. Download and Install the Aimbot (stiahnut a nainstalovat aimbot) 2. Start the Game (spustit hru) 3. Open your python Hawg’s Alternative XVM

UPDATED Autor: HAWG  Download Odstranění Mlhy

Autor: AtotIK   Download SpeedTree

25%  50%  100% For Slow PC Download Tracers By KoCoi

Autor: KoCoi dedicated version only for GOLD ammo and HE – 2 versions (fattened and normal tracers) Download AutoAIM And Snapping

Autor: Chodak Krzysztof & Spoter – working just as before – capturing targets behind obstacles etc… – added version from Spoter Download Red Pole By Stealthz

Autor: Stealthz Download Shadow By Stealthz (4 variants)

Autor: Stealthz 4 variants: – Chameleon – Normal tank model – Painted tank model – Semitransparent tank model Download Direction Box By lportii

Autor: Iportii Download Repair_Extended By Spoter

Autor: Spoter – auto repair – auto heal – scripted extinguisher All settings are in: \res_mods\configs\repair_extended\repair_extended.json Download Sniper View For Arty, Arty View For TD’s, Free Camera By Makct

Autor: Mackt – All settings are in the file: cammod.cfg – On / Off keys: T Y U Download X-Ray by Bosomi

Autor: Bosomi Download  


aslain instaler kompaktibilní s verzí 9.19.1. pro dotazy pište na nebo mi napište do garáže nick:zoldak DOWNLOAD LINK   by VinnerasS…) BlackWoT AimBot FREE for weekend!!!

  Valid until this weekend! (24.07.2017)  Zlozky mod_config a mods dajte do zlozky Games/World_of_Tanks Ak mate stym problem tak mi dajte vediet! —Apollo— Marker Re-Load By Shefer

– NO TIME LIMITATION – based on ZJ reload – arty and allied tank reload included (just like in ZJ FULL pack) Download Trajectory 2.0.1

Author: pavel3333 Tato modifikace je určena pro zobrazení a záznam tras pro různé typy nádrží. Mod obsahuje 325 trajektorií různé složitosti! Tyto pozice vám pomohou osvětlit oblast a / nebo vystřelit na

garáž slavnostní 1 května 9.19.1

upravená slavnostní garáž kompatibilní s verzí 9.19.1             download link:   By VinnerasS Zorro Jan TRIAL 3 DAY PAC

Autor: ZorroJan Whats inside: AimBotShaytan ContourLook HitMarker ArtyPlace Laserpointer Marker Re-the Load Tundra AUTOEQUIP Devices AutoRepair Zmod Detector How to install: 1. Download pack file from the link below. 2. Install the

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